Over the last 30 years my work evolved from (religious) symbolic where meaning determined the form of the works, to abstraction where the form determines the meaning. The form  first appears in lots of drawings and later in the working proces with the material. In the end, the final form of the work provides the title. Sometimes the title  becomes a poem.
The aspect of form providing thoughts, titels and poetry is of great importance for me. It is the opsite of how I was brought up, in a Calvinist environment where ‘The Word’ is the source of everything. Word creates form. I want  to do the opposite: Form creates words.
Not surprisingly, I feel attracted to the Works of Jean Arp, his ideas about abstract art and his idea of the relationship between art and nature. To Arp, art was not about copiing the natural World but art itself was a product of nature: “Producing an art work is similar to the tree that produce

The aspect of the vulnerability has an important place in my work. In ephemeral installations with paper, wood or porcelain shows the material in its transistory existence. The hidden force of growth weaves many small elements into a single monumental installation. I compare it to crafts as weaving, quilting, braid where the elements time and repetition are essential to the process.
About once a year I participate in an exhibition with ephemeral installations.

into the sky 3
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